Virtual Offices: Keys to the Success of Any Startup

Upon starting a business, many people begin working from their residential address. Those who don’t have a secretary end up missing calls because they’re out meeting with potential customers. The problem is mainly financial; they have not reached the point in which they can commit to the overheads they would incur by using these services.

A virtual office is the solution to this problem; what you are essentially doing is creating the impression of a more established business to your customers. There are a few main components of a virtual office:

Creating an address or mailbox

An address or mailbox can be legally registered in your company’s name, establishing your business within a prestigious commercial real estate property in the town of your choosing, and without the expense. You can attach this address to websites, invoices, letterheads, and do other things, like incorporate a photo of your new storefront into a business card design. Many companies send an email notification when you’ve received correspondence in your mailbox allowing you to collect this mail at your convenience. If a client unexpectedly attempts to visit you at your office location, virtual office company staff are trained to respond to the person with discretion; simply telling them that you aren’t available.

Telephone services

Receptionists answer your business phone using your company name and information. You can also provide the receptionists with a telephone answering script that will facilitate the specific needs of your business. Notifications of your messages are usually sent to you in an email. Utilizing the services of a receptionist expands the scope of your company since each of your calls is being answered by a live person, as opposed to going straight to voicemail, which for some clients may seem like a bit of a dead end.

Offices you can rent out for meetings

Establishing your business at an address other than your home makes your company appear more credible and therefore more competitive in the marketplace. When clients are able to meet with you in a private setting that is more in line with an ideal of the professional business standard, the result is more confidence in you and whatever service it is that you’re providing. Furthermore, privacy is key to the operations of most successful companies, since many businesses, such as those that involve financial and legal matters, require the disclosure of sensitive information.

It may be worth it to at least experiment with the services of a virtual office to discover if increasing your credibility and standing within the marketplace has the effect of improving your business, in ways, perhaps, you may not have previously anticipated.

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