What do you need for a successful presentation?

In modern times, it has become more important than ever to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively en masse to the public in order to be successful. As technology progressed and took the load of off humanity, our economies gradually shifted from primary sector jobs (i.e. raw resource extraction) to secondary sector jobs (i.e. manufacturing) to tertiary jobs (i.e. service-based) and quaternary ones (idea and information-based). In essence, more and more of us had to rely on coming up with new and better ideas to enhance customer’s experiences instead of just using brute strength to make goods. This has left us relying more and more on brain power for new ideas as well as excellent communication skills to spread those ideas to the population at large.

Unfortunately for some, presentations aren’t exactly everyone’s strong suit. I’m sure at least some reading this can remember the numerous times in school when a presentation had to be given and your lips started quivering, body shaking and hands sweating. But don’t worry, because we’re here to tell you what you need for a successful presentation to impress your spectators which instead of your classmates and teachers, are now clients, business partners and investors.

Coming In With the Right Attitude

For starters, when going into any presentation, think of it as a job interview. I’m sure you’ve been through one before. It doesn’t matter how scared or not confident you are on the inside, on the outside you have to present yourself as cool, calm, and collected. You want to give off the aura of: “I’ve been through this before, I know what I’m doing. You won’t have to worry about me.” In short, what that means is that before you talk the talk you have to walk the walk.

If people believe from the beginning that you are a qualified candidate and that you are worth listening to from the start based on how you act, it will be much easier to keep them engaged. That will serve you in achieving whichever motive you have as opposed to coming in meekly and then taking the duration of the presentation to try to convince people that your content makes up for your performance. So come in with your shoulders up, back straight, smile on your face and cool/calm as your middle name.

What Should My Presentation Look Like?

I am well aware that this tip has been packaged and sold and repeated a million times but that doesn’t make it incorrect;

1) keep it simple and focus on your core message. Straying further away from what the point of the presentation is an easy road to having your audience lose focus and wander off so try to restrict yourself to what you believe to be the most crucial aspects of your presentation and concentrate on those.

2) Tell stories, spice it up a little. While the numbers and cold-hard facts are music to an investor’s ears, sometimes you need to get in touch with the more human aspect. Sure, sometimes an investment, partnership or purchase is made on the backs of the figures but sometimes it simply adds up to: “Did you like the presenter or not?” That’s why when a presenter brings up a real-life analogy and discusses something that might be personally relevant to the audience, more heads are turned than by even the most informative of dialogues.

3) Use your body language. Don’t rely on just the verbal, you’ve heard the saying that the majority of human communication is non-verbal. One brilliant example is when you come home from work one day and you ask your girlfriend for instance how her day was. She responds with: “Fine.” and then walks off. Although the only thing she said was “Fine.” which would tell us that her day was good we know based on everything else that her day was in fact, the exact opposite of “fine”.

So don’t be afraid to mix up your tone for important moments, change facial expressions, pace around or move your arms. Whatever makes you feel more confident on that stage is beneficial, don’t worry about what others might think. Trust me, they don’t care about that.

The Proper Setting

Your presentation room should be your stage to shine and as with any performance. You’ll need good props in order to make your presentation click and be just that much better to wow your audience. Unfortunately, in recent times, COVID-19 has put a halt to many of these live in-person presentations due to physical distancing regulations which have understandably left many businesses struggling. Now however, with Ontario in stage 3 of reopening and the number of people allowed in gatherings increased, with the proper precautions such as: face masks, hand sanitizer, not coming if you’re feeling sick and/or not touching your face, it should be fine.

One way to make your presentations feel prepared and formal yet at the same time personal and relaxed is to rent a room for presentation. Renting a room to make your presentation more appealing and audience better entertained is perfect since you need every advantage you can get against your competitors. So try renting out a small room for 4 or a medium one for 8. A writable wall is there for you to use along with a Smart TV for the medium rooms as well as coffee, tea, and water for you to use at your discretion.


All of the rooms for rent are cleaned daily, with no extra charges for utilities, a receptionist for your guests and 24/7 access. When searching for “rooms for rent”, find one that works for you. And remember, for the audience it shouldn’t be a lecture, but an experience. To learn more about finding effective, safe, and affordable presentation rooms, visit Agile Offices today! Don’t forget to keep your chin up and blow everyone away because only you know how great your idea is, now the challenge is showing the world its greatness.

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