What is a Satellite Office?

There are always going to be challenges and obstacles to overcome in the business world. It’s simply inevitable. This is because of the ever-changing consumer market which spawns ever-changing competition with new and innovative methods of providing what that consumer market wants that you and your company have to compete with. It’s a game, a twisted maze that never ends but has everyone always vying for that temporary perch at first place. One of the biggest hurdles that industries have had to combat recently is the impact brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has unfortunately caused one of the biggest economic recessions in history as countries worldwide have had to contend with lockdowns, closures of non-essential businesses and a near disappearance in industries such as tourism. It’s safe to say that its impact has been felt far and wide and echoes of it will be felt for far longer. For one, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted one of the most glaring redundancies in the modern landscape. The enormous cost and vulnerability of office spaces. That has been equalled out by the rapid expansion of remote employment.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Landscape

A high-speed Internet connection, voice calling software such as Zoom, Google Meets and more as well as online presentation software have allowed for all the amenities of an office space to be transported onto the hard drive of our personal laptops. All of a sudden, it has become possible for a company to be based in Toronto while employing workers as far away as Italy, Pakistan, and Australia. People are no longer bound by their geographic limitations when it comes to work, it’s possible to work from any location as long as you’re able to connect to the worldwide web.

The world finally truly woke up to this when COVID struck. All of a sudden, office spaces were closed down, social distancing regulations were put into effect and people were told to avoid going out except for essentials. Companies had to become flexible and they did. The costs of large office spaces have been growing rapidly in regions such as the GTA, The Greater Vancouver Area and other major Canadian metropolises. Closing down these spaces has been the easiest and most reliable way to save money for many companies experiencing financial struggles.

The Pros and Cons of Remote Employment

When any massive change in how we go about our lives takes place, there will always be good and bad associated with it. This shift to remote workplaces is no different.

Pros: Allows for more employment potential. Employees are able to work at any time of day and week and regardless of weather or location. As mentioned before, workers will have the freedom to work whenever they are most productive to meet their deadlines.

Remote employment has been shown to boost worker morale. The monotony of a traditional office space is not always the most conducive for efficiency. Studies have shown that people are able to take short breaks throughout the day to focus on things such as family matters, running an errand or simply taking a short break between work. All of these things overall lead to less burnout, stress and a happier workforce.

Cons: Difficult to directly supervise your employees. When it comes to detail-oriented processes or making sure that you can talk to your employees at any time during the workday, remote employment makes it difficult to check in at any time on your employee’s progress. A staff meeting or checkup is simple when you can simply walk over to the person’s desk to see what they’re doing.

Working with graphs and models is more challenging. When it comes to coordinating and group tasks, being together makes it easier to communicate. Some people are also better at interpreting information visually or by being able to touch it. These people are at an advantage when that model is right in front of them instead of on Google Slides. Sometimes seeing is believing and this is certainly the case here.

Is There an In-Between? The Compromise

One will always be able to find dedicated people to argue both sides, however, there’s always an in-between which can hopefully include the best of both sides.

What if you could offer an office space environment to make sure that you can more directly supervise your employees if you’re not the type to 100% trusting of all of your employees? I’ll assume that you said yes. In that case, let me introduce satellite offices.

Satellite offices are the mini-size, affordable and convenient way to offer your employees a distractions-free and optimal work environment close to home. Nowadays especially, large office spaces are very expensive when it comes to expenses such as rent and utilities but with satellite offices, you can spread out those costs by not needing to invest as much but still allowing your employees a place to go.

Why Pick a Satellite Office?

Small to medium-size businesses have trouble coming up with the capital to purchase or even rent another large office branch leaving satellite offices as the best alternative. This can also be a great alternative for your employees as the smaller satellite offices offer their own unique benefit of greater intimacy.

These are great for collaborative projects or simply for getting into the right mood to be productive. So many of us get easily distracted while at home because we’re surrounded by things we do in our leisure time. In an office space, just like for example, in a gym, it gives you more energy and motivation when you know that there are others beside you working just as hard.

Another potential reason to have a satellite office is to attract high-skilled workers from major urban centres. Let’s say you have your office headquarters in the suburbs because you can’t afford to have an office space downtown but the majority of skilled professionals are employed in the downtown area. What should you do? Satellite offices provide you with an answer.


When searching up “Toronto office for rent”, make sure to also take into consideration satellite offices as your affordable, convenient, and ingenious way to save money, improve your worker morale and bring in the best talent. To learn more about satellite offices, visit https://www.agileoffices.ca/ today!

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