What is Hot Desking?

What is hot desking and is it right for your business? These days instead of one person to a desk or a cubicle (how it has been traditionally done) they can now have multiple owners that will occupy one space at any given time. Hot desking is when office workers have no assigned seating. Instead they “check in” to an open desk or workspace area.

Hot desking is a trend that has been around since the early 90s. Workers take whatever desk is available instead of having one assigned workplace.

Hot Desking Benefits

What are the benefits of hot desking? One major benefit to hot desking is cost. Hot desking will help cut down on real estate and rental expenses by eliminating wasted space while providing a space for startups or independent workers.

Shaking things up

One key benefit to hot desking is that workers do not have to sit in the same space, or even in the same office they do every other day. Many workers that sit at the same desk everyday do not have the same privileges as others, such as a great window view or a particularly coveted space within the workplace. Many find working out of a new office space exciting and have reported increased creativity.


One of the primary benefits that comes with hot desking is that it allows outside workers to collaborate with others in a similar field, this will promote and generate new ideas, fostering new relationships and promoting teamwork. In a more typical office environment with a regular seating plan, teams must book meeting rooms to work with one another.  The way that employees benefit from hot desking is by teams being able to switch seats and partner on projects in a more streamlined and productive way. This way individuals can still meet their other work obligations throughout the day.

Hot Desking is not only being used to promote unity and collaboration of peers within your company but is also opening up desks to individuals from outside organizations.  There are even offices such as Agile Offices that offer a co working space which allows people to come in and work at a desk within their space. This allows for collaboration, alongside people that they normally wouldn’t, in any given field.

Tidy Work Environment

Another pro to hot desking is that the office remains tidier, with much less clutter. Seeing as though workers can’t leave personal items behind at the end of the work day, desks will remain neater and easier for cleaners to access. Desks will also remain free from computer equipment and extra wires, allowing for easier setup.

Hot desking doesn’t have to be something that your office necessarily takes part in. Offices like Agile Offices operate specifically to rent out desk space, boardrooms, training rooms and much more. This is beneficial for an office that has a lot of employees who work remote and require a “home base” to work from.

Toronto hot desking, co working spaces and shared offices not only encourage sharing within your company, but across multiple companies, which will boost your company’s network and visibility across many industries.

If you’re interested in hot desking for your company Agile Offices offers a central located office for your needs. Learn more about Toronto Hot desking by visiting Agile Offices’ website at https://www.agileoffices.ca

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