What Sets a Great Office Space Ahead of the Rest?

If your company or you yourself are interested in renting office space in Toronto, you have numerous options to choose from. Still, not all office space rentals are of equal caliber.

So what makes one office space better than another? Here are several considerations to make as you move to rent office space in Toronto.

  1. Location

They don’t say location, location, location for no reason!

The location of your office space rental is everything! And you don’t get more central in Toronto than the Eaton’s Center where Agile Offices are located. Home to world-class dining and shopping and one of the most frequently visited malls in all of Canada, Eaton’s Center gives your office an amazing address for your work.

Not only are our offices above the busiest subway system in Canada, we’re easy to get to by nearly any mode of transportation, which makes us excellent for customer or client business meetings. With our location as your address, you’ll have an unmatched level of professionalism.

  1. Price

Naturally, any true business person or entrepreneur is going to consider price as they search to rent office space in Toronto. The best advice is to find something between “rather pricey” and “too good to be true.” Toronto office rent prices that are too high won’t make renting worth your while. Then again, you’re looking for classy style and clean facilities, amenities, a great location, and other quality features.

At Agile Offices, we aim to make our prices affordable and scalable. We charge no capital costs, and there are no extra charges for utilities. You can rent an office in Toronto that fits your budget to start, then scale up when you’re ready.

  1. Options and Amenities

Speaking of facilities, you want your office space to have as many options as possible when it comes to amenities, features, and other conveniences.

At Agile Offices, for example, you can choose from joint spaces for collaborate work or private, furnished offices for quiet, individual space. Choose a window office or an internal office for a less expensive option.

In terms of facilities, we offer access to common areas and a kitchen. We even have a reception area and a receptionist who can great your guests or clients. Utilize our fast and reliable Internet, printers, white boards, projectors, conference telephones, and a myriad of other technological and practical amenities as well.

  1. Access

Lastly, ensure that you’ll have flexible access to your office space. As a remote worker or entrepreneur, you’re making your own schedule, and this means that an 8am to 5pm office space simply won’t cut it.

Instead, look for a space that offers full 24/7 access, like Agile Offices. Come and go as you please, utilize any of our outstanding facilities and amenities at any time, and truly be your own boss while you work in our office space.

Agile Offices offers an array of office space options. Visit us for more information or click here to sign up for more information today.

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