What to do if you can’t afford an office?

The landscape when it comes to starting up a business has always been challenging. Statistics released by the Canadian government say that about 95,000 companies are founded annually in Canada with 260 being founded daily and 11 by the hour. However, in stark contrast to this diversity, the market is harsh. 90% of new start-ups will fail with under 50% of businesses making it to their fifth year and only 40% of start-ups turn a profit. A lucky 33% manage to survive the onslaught of competition to make it to their tenth year. A vast majority, 82% of these failures were due to cash flow problems. It’s simply too expensive to start up a business nowadays with the increased price of living, real estate, and products in general. Similarly, you know you’re coming in with the odds stacked against you and that’s not to mention the fact that there still is an ongoing global pandemic wreaking havoc on people’s lives and livelihoods.

This ongoing pandemic has caused more than 100,000 companies across the country to close down from a total of 800,000 which were active in January 2020. I know that this article isn’t supposed to be a warning against opening up your business or perhaps transitioning to a different model if your current business is struggling under the financial hardship that is the far-reaching impact of the novel coronavirus. You’re expecting this to tell you what alternatives are out there now that office spaces have become untenable for many. Well, allow me to provide you with the options.

Virtual Office Spaces – Convenient, Affordable, Yet Fancy

Did you ever wish that you didn’t have to wake up to go on an hour drive through traffic to come in to work at 8-9 and then leave work at 5-6 to spend another hour in traffic before finally getting home. Don’t you think that there’s an easier way to solve this inefficiency with our modern day technology? Is an office space really all that necessary? If that’s what you think, you have the right idea. Office spaces are expensive and at times, plain unnecessary. Virtual office spaces offer a way out. They keep what’s important about a traditional office space which is the atmosphere of professionalism while also cutting out the redundant parts.

Why should workers who want to stay home and are more productive working from home as studies show go to an office which makes them work on things that are already accessible through their own personal devices with a stable high-speed Internet connection? The amenities that virtual offices provide should give you plenty reason to invest in one. A virtual office space is a way for businesses to have a physical address where they can receive incoming calls, mail, packaging and more while also being able to work from home. How does this work? It allows you to rent out a small space in a building which can be in the middle of downtown or anywhere else of your choosing to show the world that you mean business.

This space will manage your mail, calls and packaging and redirect them to you so that customers can still have the same quick and seamless experience. The advantage of this is having the prestige of a high-rise building as your address that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. An address you can put on your website, business cards and advertising. Virtual office plans start from as low as $40 a month and allow you and your workers to save time and money. You won’t need to worry about technical issues. Virtual assistants can get the job done for you and the best thing is, you can hire them from anywhere, the opportunities are limitless.

Shared Office Spaces – Getting Work Done the Right Way

Too often is our productivity cut by things like burnout, fatigue or distractions which constantly nudge us to procrastinate and check up on the live score of the game or perhaps checking our texts or social media feed for the millionth time which won’t hurt. It’s only for a minute. Shared office spaces, sometimes referred to as co-working spaces are places where people from all around come in to get their work done. No distractions and the optimal work environment. A place where another person running an entirely different business is coming there for the same reason as you. A study published recently by human resource representatives showed that the average employee admits to wasting 3 hours every workday. Just let that sink in.

Humans are not perfect, not even close. That’s why putting yourself in the right environment alongside like-minded individuals is the best way to encourage yourself to get work done. Imagine it as being similar to a gym. You could exercise alone but you always feel more energized at the gym since even if you never chat to anyone at your local gym, the fact that they are there and working just as hard as you pushes you to do more.

Meeting Rooms – Selling Yourself with Style

When it comes to plain old clients, your product and service is what keeps them hooked. However, there are times when you need to attract a different type of crowd. Maybe a business partner, investor, or a potential buyer. For times such as these, you need a place to meticulously go over everything and doing it all online just seems off. That is because in these types of meetings, getting to know and trust the person you’re striking a deal with is crucial. As a guest, you want to feel appreciated and that means being treated to a nice location, a place to sit down, perhaps something to drink while discussing. That is exactly what meeting rooms are for.

In locations that offer virtual office addresses, you can also easily rent out a meeting room when sometimes it’s just better to talk face to face and online doesn’t cut it. These meeting rooms come with beverages, a writable wall, administrative support, a Smart TV and of course, free Internet access. Prices range from small rooms for $164 a month to large ones for $328. All of these are accessible 24/7 so no matter the time of occasion, there’ll be a space waiting for you. A proper first impression by presenting yourself as someone calm, sturdy, professional and aesthetically pleasing goes a long way towards making a deal possible.

All of these options and more are available at https://www.agileoffices.ca/. Visit today to learn more about how we blend the old with the new to give you, your staff, and potential clients the best possible experience.

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