When Is It Beneficial to Host a Meeting Away from Your Office?

While your office is the place where you work, there are times hosting your meeting there could go against business etiquette.

Identifying when to host a meeting out of your office is not easy, but some situations require you to host elsewhere.


4 Instances When an Offsite Meeting Could Benefit Your Business

  1. You Need a Level of Professionalism

The competition for small businesses in Canada is fierce. In fact, as of December 2015, 97.9 percent of companies in the country were small businesses, with Ontario having the highest concentration, per the Government of Canada

To stay competitive, you need to exhibit a level of professionalism – one that is, at the very least, on par with your competitors. If your office is too small or you work from home, you can rent a meeting room to give potential clients an impression of professionalism.

  1. You are Meeting with a Smaller Company

If you are a large corporation, but you are meeting with an individual or smaller company, you do not want to intimidate them. Hosting your meeting in a neutral place ensures no one is intimidated or feels inadequate at the meeting.

  1. The Distance is Too Great

When the distance between you and your meeting individual or company is more than one hour, it is common courtesy to meet in their town or meet halfway. You can rent a conference room from Agile Offices for a neutral mid-way meeting spot and show proper business etiquette at the same time.

  1. Your Office Lacks Sufficient Space to Host Your Meeting

Sometimes meetings involve multiple parties. If your meeting room is too small or you do not have a conference room in your office, renting a meeting room provides you with the key space you need to host your gathering.

When hosting a meeting for all your staff, you may not have a large enough conference room. Therefore, meeting off-site in a larger meeting space can ensure you accommodate all your meeting attendees.

Rent Your Next Meeting Room at Agile Offices

Agile Offices has a variety of professional meeting rooms and office spaces that are furnished and ready for use. We offer day offices for those that need office space for the day or week, and we have meeting rooms ranging from small to large enough to host your seminar or company training.

Our meeting rooms come with high-speed internet and AV equipment so that you can show your meeting presentations, train new employees, host a workshop, or connect for PowerPoint.

Contact Agile Offices to rent a conference room today by calling us at 855-924-4539 or contact us online.

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