Why Coworking Is Growing in Popularity in Toronto

Toronto is a happening city. It’s one of Canada’s crown jewels, on the same level as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles in the U.S. Toronto has a booming startup and technology culture that’s continue to grow since the tech revolution of the 2000s. And with all that business activity going on, the city continues to produce a healthy supply of young and innovative professionals armed with the latest technology and an updated attitude towards the way people work.

To satisfy the needs of Toronto’s startup culture, in which internal cash resources might not be conducive to renting a dedicated office space for their businesses, more entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers are turning to coworking spaces to perform their day-to-day duties. In fact, these spaces are all the rage as small business and freelancers look to establish themselves in flexible and affordable office options while avoiding expensive leases in high-demand downtown locations.

The coworking trend has found a solid footing in the U.S. market, and Canada is closely following suit. According to BetaKit, a technology news website, the government of Canada is investing in coworking spaces across the country, including a $3 million investment to build two new coworking space in Vancouver through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund.

Toronto’s Agile Offices is no different, the first business centre in the city that’s designed a dedicated coworking space alongside private offices and meeting rooms to provide startups, entrepreneurs and remote workers with a collaborative workspace that’s meant to spawn creativity and drive business growth, ensuring the changing office landscape has a place for everyone.

Agile provides its clients with the peace of mind of knowing that they will have access to a desk or lounge seat at a prestigious downtown location, the ability to work in a collaborative space filled with other innovative individuals, and the technology you need to succeed, including 100 Mbps Wi-Fi internet.

Our coworking space provides:

  • Private cubicles for when you need a quiet space to focus on completing a difficult task
  • Collaborative work areas that encourage you to interact with others to foster a community of like-minded people
  • Team rooms designed to inspire conversations, share ideas and interactions between colleagues
  • Business lounges with a relaxed atmosphere to conduct informal meeting or brainstorm with your team in comfort

Toronto’s coworking community is incredibly diverse. All kinds of people from different backgrounds find themselves choosing a coworking space for business meetings, managing their own businesses, working for not-for-profits on strict budgets or telecommuting for a company that’s not located in your city.

Toronto is Canada’s most vibrant city, home to a growing startup and technology community that’s ripe with new ideas and collaborative opportunities. Coworking spaces, such as Agile Office’s, are hubs for creativity, offering entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to grow by working alongside other innovative individuals and organizations at a cost that doesn’t inhibit their ability to scale.

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