Why Does Coworking Fail?

Coworking in Toronto usually meets with success, but some offices have trouble finding the groove they need to make the situation work. When you look into a coworking space through a company such as Agile Offices, you need to make sure that you consider the needs of your business, your employees, and your clients. Here are some common coworking mistakes that cause problems, as well as tips on how you can avoid such pitfalls.

Environment and Layout

Your coworking space needs to meet all the needs of customers or clients who come into your office as well as facilitating efficient work from your employees. Many coworking situation fail due to a simple lack of planning. If you have a customer-facing business, the environment of the office has to have an organized, professional look that appeals to people who don’t see your workplace every day. Whether your coworking space has clients come in or not, your employees need to feel at home and have easy access to their work essentials. This means placing coworkers who collaborate together, but it also means keeping common resources such as copiers and files easily accessible to everybody.

Personality Conflicts

One of the most common coworking mistakes is also a common error that occurs in other workplace environments: failing to account for people’s personalities. In a coworking space, employees have less time to retreat into their own space and shut themselves off from the surrounding workplace. This means that any personality conflicts are likely to come out as people work side by side for weeks on end. While you can try to mitigate these problems by considering employee personalities in the planning process, remember that some friction might only come out when employees work next to each other. For this reason, it’s good to have a communications plan that helps you identify the problem early.

Location Problems

A coworking situation only works if it is more convenient to everybody involved. One reason these arrangements fail is because people don’t take their location into consideration. Your coworking space needs to be in an area that is easy to reach for your employees but also accessible to customers, clients, and contractors. In an urban environment, this often means coworking downtown rather than moving the office to a more rural area where rent is cheaper. Those business who embrace coworking in Toronto have the advantage of numerous affordable sites for coworking downtown, making this an easy problem to avoid if you consider the needs of your employees and customers.

You can avoid the most common coworking mistakes through planning and communication. Make sure that you choose the right location for your coworking office, and be aware that the internal layout matters a lot. Just as importantly, you should have a strong set of communications procedures in place so your employees know how to provide feedback and report on possible problems. This allows you to respond quickly, which will keep your coworking office running successfully no matter what issues may arise.

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