Why Use a Serviced Office?

One way of analyzing this would be to look at the benefits:

  • They are ready for instant use, often within 24 hours of initial enquiry
  • Flexible leases, commonly from 3 months (min) to 12 months (max).
  • You do not have to worry about the management of the premises, leaving you to concentrate on managing your business
  • Flexibility can be offered, where available, to meet your changing needs
  • Use of available services are paid for only when used (although some may be free)
  • You receive a high profile mailing address*
  • Internal branding (at certain locations only)
  • Maintenance of equipment and furniture is the responsibility of the office provider

* A high profile office mailing address is better than two things: Firstly, a home address such as ‘Flat 2, Seaside Court,…’ for obvious reasons. Secondly, a PO Box, for their own unique reasons. A PO Box can often suggest that a business has something to hide.

Who Uses a Serviced Office?

Do I Need One ?

A serviced office is ideal for a small business looking for a flexible lease or a short-term office space solution. Today, many people relate serviced offices back to small businesses but large businesses have started to take advantage of the benefits they offer. Serviced offices are ideal for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Rapidly growing businesses (any size)
  • Foreign companies seeking to locate in the UK
  • Branch offices for larger companies
  • Temporary office solutions

Look at the statements below. If you agree to any of them, then a serviced office may be ideal for you:

  • There is a high growth rate in the number of employees
  • Your business is growing at an unpredictable rate therefore requiring a flexible lease
  • You need to relocate in, say, the next 3 months
  • Management of your current premises is distracting you from managing the business
  • The space in your current location is not being fully utilized, hence wasted money
  • A ‘respected’ office is essential to your business
  • You currently do not have the funds to rent a conventional office
  • You require additional space/services for a short-term project
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