Why Virtual Office is a good choice for some businesses.

Small businesses have struggled in the past to create a big impression. Often, entrepreneurs working solo or as part of a small team situate their start-up in a tiny room located within a cavernous office complex, often way out of sight and with little more than a plaque next to the elevator to guide potential customers. Sometimes it can feel like you hardly exist; a small fish in a big corporate pond. A professional address is important for any business, but not at the expense of attracting customers or creating a personalized company brand.

A virtual office could be the answer to your dilemma. Here are some of the virtual office advantages that will put your business on a level playing field with the competition.

A Prime Location

Although it seems a contradiction, a virtual office address can be located right in the middle of the city financial district. The alternative to a building hosting a number of tiny office suites is to have one office in the building acting as a point of contact for a number of businesses that could be located anywhere. You may run a business that doesn’t require your on-site presence. The virtual office solution could be for you.

By using the services of a virtual office provider situated in the business hub your company will appear professional to prospective clients. Your business mailbox will be in a prime location, and your contact address can be used on letterheads and correspondence. A capable on-site virtual office receptionist will also add the personal touch your business needs. The alternative, using a home office or post office box will make you seem unqualified or unprofessional.

Cost Savings

Imagine not having to pay rent, purchase furniture, procure the right office equipment, source the latest gadgetry, or establish internet and telephone systems. The savings would obviously be enormous. Having your virtual office located in a prestigious business centre will save you bundles of money on expenses and travel. As the saying goes, ‘time is money’. You will be freed up to dedicate much more time to running your business and making a profit.

Reduced Risk

A virtual office means not having to invest heavily in the physical office trappings required to get your business off the ground. Less capital expenditure will free up financial resources and reduce the potential for liability or loss while making adjustments to the structure of your business.

Your time and money could then be invested in planning diversification of your business or multiplication of virtual office solutions for a franchise or other business enterprise.


In the modern 24/7 business environment you need flexibility to satisfy your customers and also to give yourself some much needed time out. A virtual office means you get control of your hours and work when it is most convenient and productive. You will also be freed up to work from home, go shopping, or attend meetings without being tied to a desk all day.

If you are worried about missing an important call, VoIP virtual office solutions provide a phone extension so you can be reached at all times, no matter where you are. Also, a virtual office business centre often comes with access to established meeting rooms in the same location, with office equipment available for use at very attractive prices.

There are no real disadvantages to your business being run from a virtual office. It is simply a matter of suitability. Many businesses still require face-to-face dealings between staff and clients, or a physical space to get the job done properly. In these situations, face-to-face meetings can be scheduled, as virtual office business centres host on-site boardrooms and furnished offices which can be rented by the hour. Your business can be organized with as much or little interaction as required for your optimum business performance.

Some business owners and staff thrive on social interaction. By taking the opportunity to rent office space by the hour your social interaction needs will be satisfied; an outcome that cannot be achieved when working out of a home office with no interaction at all. For those who prefer to work alone, a self-disciplined person who requires little supervision can flourish when working independently via a virtual office.

Communication issues are one concern of those contemplating the move to a virtual office. Misinterpretation and poor communication can result from missing visual cues found in face-to-face dealings. Technology continues to evolve, and it’s expected that these issues will diminish over time as we adapt to the changes in communication platforms of modern business.

Innumerable business models can flourish using a virtual office. The advantages are immediate and it could be worth your considering moving out of that stuffy den and into a new and exciting virtual office business lifestyle.

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