Working from home – Perks and Problems

Working From Home Meme


Working from home seems to be an extremely tempting idea. However, before you start to shift all your data from your office to your home, consider these perks and problems to make a rational and balanced decision.


  • It’s much easier to keep in touch with family. It’s easier to get things done at home and you don’t have to make up excuses for the commitments you made to the kids.
  • Commuting to work not only takes up a lot of time, it is generally a stressful endeavor. You need to get dressed and travel to your office. Regardless of the proximity of the office from your home, getting out of the house in the mornings always seems like a struggle.
  • You can work any way you like and wear anything you want and you won’t get any judgmental stares from your colleagues. It’s much less tiring and easy to just stroll to your living room, wearing your pajamas and get to work.


  • People claim all the time that they like being their own bosses; however, some people need to be pushed just a little so that they can perform. You may just end up procrastinating throughout the day if there’s no one around to say anything to you for wasting time.
  • Some jobs require a high level of collaboration among the work force, which is particularly suitable to a well connected office space. Working from home and collaborating online creates a new set of challenges in that process. Face to face meetings can be short and precise while texts, chats, or even Skype calls can create communication problems.
  • Another major problem with telecommuting is that you can no longer call a guy from the IT department to sort out your IT problems. Technology simply doesn’t work the way it’s intended to sometimes and you have to figure it out for yourself if you are working from home, which also takes time.
  • Constant distractions within the home seems to be a major downfall of the “work from home” concept. These can range from kids demanding your attention, spouse requesting assistance or pending chores or projects around the house that can take you away from your daily plan of activities.
  • More entertaining distractions within the home can also create a problem. Things such as television, video games, gadgets etc. can all be distractions to your workday and tend to take up way more time than you anticipate even when you do try to limit your usage of them.

As great as it sounds, working from home is just not the right fit for everyone!

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