Your Guide to Hosting a Meeting in a Rented Office Space

Renting meeting rooms for conferences and other business events has become an increasingly popular practice for entrepreneurs, remote employees, and businesses small and large. For those who do not have a fixed office space or who aren’t centrally located in Toronto, renting meeting rooms offers flexibility and a professional flair that clients and customers will love.

If you’ve never hosted an event in a meeting space rental before, here’s what you need to know.

Not all events work well in meeting room rentals.

Knowing how to rent office space is important, especially when it comes how to rent office in Toronto and finding available venues.
Our first tip is to accurately match your event to the meeting space rental you choose. If you’re looking to have a meeting where you know that all invited members are going to show up, it’s easy to choose the meeting space rental you require. Simply base it on the number of chairs you’ll need!

If it’s a potentially larger affair, however, and you’re not sure how many people will show, things are more up in the air. And in these cases, we recommend thinking twice about renting the largest room possible.

Similarly, consider the environment you’re aiming for. Social, collaborative, and creative events can be in larger, more communal areas. But for tête-à-têtes or serious conferences where you need quiet and privacy, you’ll want an enclosed, separate space.

If you’re not sure at all what size or space style you need, contact us directly for our advice, or speak to other clients who have held similar events at our Toronto meeting rooms.

Name, frame, and promote your event correctly.

When you rent meeting room locations, you’ll have a specific date and time set up. But only providing the date and time to your guests isn’t good enough when it comes to your invites. To promote your event or send easy-to-understand invitations to those you hope will attend, you’ll need more information.

First, give everyone plenty of time by sending initiations far ahead of the event. Next, make your invitations clear and succinct. Include the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Duration of the meeting
  • Location (including address and driving or public transportation directions)
  • Attire
  • An outline of the events or an agenda
  • Whether drinks or food will be served
  • Whether guests or meeting members need to bring anything
  • Any other pertinent information

Be sure your technology needs and visuals are set.

At Agile Offices, we have a number of tech and visual options available for your use. For example, we can connect you with a writable wall, a smart TV, conference speaker phones, a flip chart, or other presentation equipment. Just remember that you’ll want to schedule these things ahead of time to be sure they’re set for you.

Know your anticipated results, and work from there.

The final best advice we can offer is to know the results you want to see after your event, and to work backwards from there. If you want to have at least 10 more email addresses on your mailing list by the end of the meeting, there’s a goal. If you want to sign a new client, there’s a goal. If you want to have at least three new leads, there’s a goal.

For all of these goals, there are steps you can take to make them happen. Choosing the right meeting rooms for rent is your first step, and we’re here to help with that. Learn more about Agile Offices’ meeting rooms here, and contact us today to get started with a rental.

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